Build, Maintain & Tax Policy

All Development Channel 11 infrastructure companies including this one come with a Build, Maintain and Tax Policy which details are available for governments who wish to engage. It is designed for government who have need in this area but do not have the resources to fund. The summary of the policy includes but not limited to:


  • We shall build to use with our resources employing all our human resources and equipment at our own costs which total shall be  communicated before start of project to the government agency responsible.
  • We shall engage in supervisory role all necessary government technical and administrative personnel in the entire process including local community stakeholders.
  • We shall upon completion of project to satisfaction, collect all proceeds from use including taxations with 80% coming to us and 20% to the government until our capital is recovered.
  •  We shall then collect from proceeds 50% and give 50% to the government thereafter.
  •  We shall be responsible for all maintenance and liabilities.
  •  We shall maintain rights of ownership to infrastructure for a minimum of 100 years from completion.


Agreements are bespoke and modelled on a case by case basis. Contact us to know how BMT can help your government in delivering important infrastructure projects to your constituencies.